Dr Jasper Meya


Research interests


  •  Inequality and Environmental Policy
  • Valuation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Policy Instruments for the Energy Transition
  • International Climate Agreements and Political Communication




  • Inequality and Environmental Policy
  • Climate Policy and Instruments
  • Microeconomics, Microeconomic Foundations of Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Advanced Methods in Environmental and Resource Economics

Curriculum Vitae


You can find a complete CV including publications here.



  • Lead author for Chapter Transformation, German National Biodiversity Assessment (“Faktencheck Artenvielfalt”, 2021 - 2026)
  • Contributing author to Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Values assessment, Chapter 5. Incorporating multiple values of nature and nature’s contributions to people for just and sustainable futures.
  • Guest articles and interviews in e.g. Spiegel Online, Hamburger Abendblatt, Berliner Tagesspiegel

Publications before iDiv


For a full list of publications see also Google Scholar.

  • Meya, J.N., Kornek, U., Lessmann, K. (2018): How empirical uncertainties influence the stability of climate coalitions. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics. 18(2): 175-198, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10784-017-9378-5
  • Baumgärtner, S., Drupp, M.A., Meya, J.N., Munz, J.M., Quaas, M.F. (2017): Income inequality and willingness to pay for public environmental goods. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 85: 35–61, dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jeem.2017.04.005
  • Droste, N., Meya, J.N. (2017): Ecosystem services in infrastructure planning – a case study of the projected deepening of the Lower Weser river in Germany. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 60(2), 231-248, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09640568.2016.1151405

iDiv publications


Segar, J., Callaghan, C. T., Ladouceur, E., Meya, J. N., Pereira, H. M., Perino, A. and Staude, I. R.

(2022): Urban conservation gardening in the decade of restoration. Nature Sustainability

A. Perino, H. M. Pereira, M. Felipe-Lucia, H. Kim, H. S. Kühl, M. R. Marselle, J. N. Meya, C. Meyer, L. M. Navarro, R. van Klink, G. Albert, C. D. Barratt, H. Bruelheide, Y. Cao, A. Chamoin, M. Darbi, M. Dornelas, N. Eisenhauer, F. Essl, N. Farwig, J. Förster, J. Freyhof, J. Geschke, F. Gottschall, C. Guerra, P. Haase, T. Hickler, U. Jacob, T. Kastner, L. Korell, I. Kühn, G. U. C. Lehmann, B. Lenzner, A. Marques, E. Motivans Švara, L. C. Quintero, A. Pacheco, A. Popp, J. Rouet-Leduc, F. Schnabel, J. Siebert, I. R. Staude, S. Trogisch, V. Švara, J.-C. Svenning, G. Pe'er, K. Raab, D. Rakosy, M. Vandewalle, A. S. Werner, C. Wirth, H. Xu, D. Yu, Y. Zinngrebe and A. Bonn

(2021): Biodiversity post-2020: Closing the gap between global targets and national-level implementation. Conservation Letters

J. N. Meya, M. A. Drupp, N. Hanley

(2021): Testing structural benefit transfer: The role of income inequality. Resource and Energy Economics

J. N. Meya, P. Neetzow

(2021): Renewable energy policies in federal government systems. Energy Economics

M. F. Quaas, J. N. Meya, H. Schenk, B. Bos, M. A. Drupp, T. Requate

(2021): The social cost of contacts: Theory and evidence for the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany. PLOS ONE

Bos, B., Drupp, M. A., Meya, J. N., Quaas, M. F.

(2020): Moral Suasion and the Private Provision of Public Goods: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Environmental and Resource Economics

Meya, J. N.

(2020): Environmental Inequality and Economic Valuation. Environmental & Resource Economics

Quaas, M. F., Baumgärtner, S., Drupp, M. A., Meya, J. N.

(2020): Intertemporal utility with heterogeneous goods and constant elasticity of substitution. Economics Letters
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