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We present and discuss latest research on phenology in our monthly seminar. Please contact if you would like to join this online event.

PhenObs - an international project about phenology of herbaceous plants

Prof. Christine Römermann talks about the PhenObs project and it's linkages with other iDiv projects and plattforms. Get a first insight view of the great scientific opportunities at iDiv within the framework of the PhenObs project.

Contribution from Vienna: PhenObs at "KlimaheldInnen"

Barbara Knickmann from the Botanical Garden in Vienna talks about the PhenObs project and why it is important to have research on phenology of herbaceous plants in times of climate change.


You can also keep up to date with PhenObs activities via our twitter feed @PhenObs


The PhenObs protocol was published in January 2021 and is available open access:
Nordt, B., Hensen, I., Bucher, S. F., Freiberg, M., Primack, R. B., Stevens, A.-D., Bonn, A., Wirth, C., Jakubka, D., Plos, C., Sporbert, M., and Römermann, C. (2021). The PhenObs initiative – A standardised protocol for monitoring phenological responses to climate change using herbaceous plant species in botanical gardens. Functional Ecology

Ongoing students projects in PhenObs

  • Carolin Plos “The relationship between phenology and functional diversity in the face of climate change” (PhD project, since 2018, supervision: Isabell Hensen, MLU Halle; Christine Römermann, FSU Jena)
  • Ina Vogler “Are trees more responsive to climate change than understory geophytes? Investigating ecological mismatches in deciduous Central European woods with herbarium specimens” (Master thesis, 2020, supervision: Christoph Rosche, MLU Halle)
  • Till Deilmann “Patterns in phenology from Botanical Gardens and natural habitats” (Master thesis, 2020, supervision: Christine Römermann, Josephine Ulrich, FSU Jena)
  • Annalena Lenk “Site-specific patterns in the seasonal variation in flowering and growth phenology” (Master thesis, 2020, supervision: Christine Römermann, Desiree Jakubka, FSU Jena; Tomáš Herben, Tomáš  Koubek, Charles University Prague)
  • Kevin Fujawa “Saisonale Veränderung von Blatt- und Blütenmerkmalen in Abhängigkeit von Phänologie, Bodenwassergehalt, Temperatur und Strahlung” (Bachelor thesis, 2020, supervision: Desiree Jakubka, Christine Römermann, FSU Jena)
  • Nahid Rasouli Paeenroudposhti “The advantage of a long or a short flowering period: Linking flowering phenology with seasonal variation in flower traits with pollinator diversity and density” (Master thesis, 2021, supervision: Christine Römermann, Anne Ebeling, FSU Jena, Susanne Dunker UFZ/iDiv)
  • Marco Patrzek “Patterns in leaf phenology and plant functional traits in herbaceous species – applying the LHS and CSR concept in phenological research” (Bachelor thesis, 2021, supervision: Desiree Jakubka, Maria Sporbert, Franziska Bucher, Christine Römermann, FSU Jena)
  • David Adesua “Is frost resistance linked to flowering phenology and plant distribution?” (Master thesis as part of the “FRESH project”, 2021, supervision: Franziska Bucher, Desiree Jakubka, Maria Sporbert, FSU Jena)
  • Sophie Horbach “Unterschiede im Zusammenhang zwischen Phänologie und funktionellen Merkmalen zwischen Kräutern und Bäumen” (Bachelor thesis, 2021, supervision: Christine Römermann & PhenObs team, FSU Jena)
  • Faizan Lone "Phenological and functional trait studies on herbaceous flora of Kashmir University Botanical Garden" (PhD project, since 2021, supervision: Manzoor Shah, Anzar Khuroo, University of Kashmir)

Finished students projects in PhenObs

  • Julian Selke “Investigating the relationships between phenology, traits, geographic range size and climatic niche size in 26 herbaceous plant species” (Bachelor thesis, 2020, supervision: Maria Sporbert, Erik Welk, Isabell Hensen, MLU Halle)
  • Niklas Stelbrink “Variability of nectar production and pollinator activity in the course of a day and in response to abiotic factors” (Bachelor thesis, 2020, supervision: Carolin Plos, Isabell Hensen, MLU Halle)
  • Luise Münsterberg “Vergleich der Phänologie im Bot. Garten und im Leipziger Auwald” (Bachelor thesis, 2020, supervision: Martin Freiberg, University Leipzig)
  • Lara Escherich “Patterns in phenology and traits in plant populations from Botanical Gardens and their natural habitat” (Bachelor thesis, 2019, supervision: Christine Römermann, Josephine Ulrich, FSU Jena)





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