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Petr Keil

Research interests


My main interests are macroecology , spatial scaling and statistics . Here at sDiv I study spatial scaling of extinction rates, and the relationship between human-induced loss of habitats and the extictions caused by the loss.

Find more at my website: www.petrkeil.com

Curriculum vitae


Full version of my CV is at my personal website.


2006-2010 – PhD, Charles University in Prague
2003-2005 – MSc, University of South Bohemia
2000-2003 – BSc, University of South Bohemia


2015-present – Postdoc, iDiv
2011, 2014-2015 – Postdoc, Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University in Prague
2011-2014 – Postdoc, Yale University
2008, 2009 (7 months) – Early-stage research trainee, Leeds University
2006 – Lab technician, University of Cambridge

Selected publications


Full list of my publications is at my website.

Keil P., Storch D. & Jetz W. (2015) On the decline of biodiversity due to area loss. Nature Communications , 6: 8837.

Quintero I., Keil P., Jetz W. & Crawford F.W. (2015) Historical biogegoraphy using species geographic ranges. Systematic Biology , 64: 1059-1073.  

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Keil P., Wilson A.O. & Jetz W. (2014) Uncertainty, priors, autocorrelation and disparate data in downscaling of species distributions. Diversity & Distributions , 20: 797-812.

Keil P. & Jetz W. (2014) Downscaling the environmental associations and spatial patterns of species richness. Ecological Applications , 24:823-831.

Carvalheiro L., Kunin W. E.; Keil P. & 16 authors (2013) Species richness declines and biotic homogenization have slowed down for NW-European pollinators and plants. Ecology Letters , 16: 870-878.

Keil P., Belmaker J., Wilson A.M., Unit P. & Jetz W. (2013) Downscaling of species distribution models: a hierarchical approach. Methods in Ecology and Evolution , 4: 82-94.

Storch D., Keil P. & Jetz W. (2012) Universal species–area and endemics–area relationships at continental scales. Nature , 488: 78-81.

Keil P., Schweiger O., Kuhn I., Kuussaari M., Kunin W.E., Settele J., Henle K., Brotons L., Pe’er G., Lengyel S., Moustakas A., Steinicke H. & Storch D. (2012) Patterns of beta diversity in Europe: the role of climate, land cover and distance across scales. Journal of Biogeography , 39: 1473-1486.

Keil P., Biesmeijer J.C., Barendregt A., Reemer M. & Kunin W.E. (2011) Biodiversity change is scale-dependent: an example from dutch and UK hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae). Ecography , 34: 392-401.

Keil P., Herben T., Rosindell J. & Storch D. (2010) Predictions of Taylor’s power law, density dependence and pink noise from a neutrally modelled time series. Journal of Theoretical Biology , 265: 78-86.

Keil P. & Hawkins B.A. (2009) Grids versus regional species lists: are broad-scale patterns of species richness robust to the violation of constant grain size? Biodiversity and Conservation , 18: 3127-3137.

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Keil P., Simova I. & Hawkins, B.A. (2008) Water-energy and the geographical species richness pattern of European and North African dragonflies (Odonata). Insect Conservation and Diversity , 1: 142-150.  

iDiv publications


Jetz, W., McGeoch, M. A., Guralnick, R., Ferrier, S., Beck, J., Costello, M. J., Fernandez, M., Geller, G. N., Keil, P., Merow, C., Meyer, C., Muller-Karger, F. E., Pereira, H. M., et al.

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Keil, P., Chase, J. M.

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Ren, H., Keil, P., Mi, X., Ma, K., Hao, Z., Ye, W., Lin, L., Valencia, R., Fletcher, C. D., Thomas, D. W., et al.

Environment- and trait-mediated scaling of tree occupancy in forests worldwide Global Ecology and Biogeography (in press),

Dormann, C. F., Calabrese, J. M., Guillera‐Arroita, G., Matechou, E., Bahn, V., Bartoń, K., Beale, C. M., Ciuti, S., Elith, J., Gerstner, K., et al.

Model averaging in ecology: a review of Bayesian, information‐theoretic and tactical approaches for predictive inference Ecological Monographs 88(4), 485-504

Keil, P., MacDonald, A. A. M., Ramirez, K. S., Bennett, J. M., García-Peña, G. E., Yguel, B., Bourgeois, B., Meyer, C.

Macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns emerge in the universe of GNU/Linux operating systems Ecography 41(11), 1788-1800

Keil, P., Pereira, H. M., Cabral, J. S., Chase, J. M., May, F., Martins, I. S., Winter, M.

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Shade, A., Dunn, R. R., Blowes, S. A., Keil, P., Bohannan, B. J. M., Herrmann, M., Küsel, K., Lennon, J. T., Sanders, N. J., Storch, D., Chase, J.

Macroecology to Unite All Life, Large and Small Trends in Ecology & Evolution 33(10), 731-44

Gratton, P., Marta, S., Bocksberger, G., Winter, M., Keil, P., Trucchi, E., Kühl, H.

Which Latitudinal Gradients for Genetic Diversity? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32(10), 724-26
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