Dr Steffen Ehrmann


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My overarching interest is in exploring how the way we manage the ecosystem/landscape influences services and disservices nature holds for human health and well-being. When approaching an ecological problem, I try to understand it across all spatial and temporal scales because only then can we gather sufficient knowledge to make sound management recommendations. I am fascinated by spatial patterns and by how humans both shape and are shaped by the landscapes they inhabit.

During my Postdoc at the Macroecology and Society Lab I participate in the LUCKINet and coordinate the development of a dedicated, open-science IT infrastructure. This has the goal to generate global, annual, mutually consistent, data-driven and quality assured gridded modeled data-products of various land-use variables of forestry, crops and livestock. This is an important source of information that can help to solve many environmental and socio-economic problems and monitor the progress towards some of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Short CV


  • PhD in Biodiversity/Ecosystem Services/Ixodes ricinus, 2017
    Department of Geobotany, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Diplom in Agricultural Biology, 2011
    University of Hohenheim, Germany

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Puschstrasse 4
04103 Leipzig

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+49 341 9733244
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Leipzig University

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