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Kambach, S., H. Bruelheide, K. Gerstner, J. Gurevitch, M. Beckmann, R. Seppelt

(2020): Consequences of multiple imputation of missing standard deviations and sample sizes in meta-analysis. Ecology and Evolution 10(20) *

Baeten, L., Bruelheide, H., van der Plas, F., Kambach, S., Ratcliffe, S., Jucker, T., Allan, E., Ampoorter, E., Barbaro, L., Bastias, C. C., et al.

(2019): Identifying the tree species compositions that maximize ecosystem functioning in European forests. Journal of Applied Ecology 56(3), 733-44

Beckmann, M., Gerstner, K., Akin-Fajiye, M., Ceaușu, S., Kambach, S., Kinlock, N. L., Phillips, H. R. P., Verhagen, W., Gurevitch, J., Klotz, S., Newbold, T., Verburg, P. H., Winter, M., Seppelt, R.

(2019): Conventional land-use intensification reduces species richness and increases production: A global meta-analysis. Global Change Biology 25(6), 1941-56

Kambach, S., Allan, E., Bilodeau-Gauthier, S., Coomes, D. A., Haase, J., ..., Bruelheide, H.

(2019): How do trees respond to species mixing in experimental compared to observational studies?. Ecology and Evolution 9(19), 11254-11266

Kambach, S., Lenoir, J., Decocq, G., Welk, E., Seidler, G., Dullinger, S., Gégout, J.-C., Guisan, A., Pauli, H., Svenning, J.-C., Vittoz, P., Wohlgemuth, T., Zimmermann, N. E., Bruelheide, H.

(2019): Of niches and distributions: range size increases with niche breadth both globally and regionally but regional estimates poorly relate to global estimates. Ecography 42(3), 467-77

Sarathchandra, C., Kambach, S., Ariyarathna, S., Xu, J., Harrison, R., Wickramasinghe, S.

(2018): Significance of Mangrove Biodiversity Conservation in Fishery Production and Living Conditions of Coastal Communities in Sri Lanka. Diversity 10(2), 20
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