Dr Ekaterina Shelest

Head of the Bioinformatics Unit (BIU)

iDiv publications


Fischer, J., Muller, S. Y., Netzker, T., Jager, N., Gacek-Matthews, A., Scherlach, K., Stroe, M. C., Garcia-Altares, M., Pezzini, F., Schoeler, H., Reichelt, M., Gershenzon, J., Krespach, M. K. C., Shelest, E., et al.

(2018): Chromatin mapping identifier BasR, a key regulator of bacteria-triggered production of fungal secondary metabolites. eLife 7, 30

Tauber, J. P., Gallegos-Monterrosa, R., Kovacs, A. T., Shelest, E., Hoffmeister, D.

(2018): Dissimilar pigment regulation in Serpula lacrymans and Paxillus involutus during inter-kingdom interactions. Microbiology 164(1), 65-77
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