Christopher Hutengs

Doctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


Hutengs, C., Seidel, M., Oertel, F., Ludwig, B., Vohland, M.

(2019): In situ and laboratory soil spectroscopy with portable visible-to-near-infrared and mid-infrared instruments for the assessment of organic carbon in soils. Geoderma 355 *

Seidel, M., Hutengs, C., Ludwig, B., Thiele-Bruhn, S., Vohland, M.

(2019): Strategies for the efficient estimation of soil organic carbon at the field scale with vis-NIR spectroscopy: Spectral libraries and spiking vs. local calibrations. Geoderma 354 *

Hutengs, C., Ludwig, B., Jung, A., Eisele, A., Vohland, M.

(2018): Comparison of Portable and Bench-Top Spectrometers for Mid-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Measurements of Soils. Sensors 18(4), 993
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