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Barnes, A. D., C. Scherber, U. Brose, E. T. Borer, A. Ebeling, B. Gauzens, D. P. Giling, J. Hines, F. Isbell, C. Ristok, D. Tilman, W. W. Weisser, N. Eisenhauer

(2020): Biodiversity enhances the multitrophic control of arthropod herbivory. Science Advances 6(45) *

CaraDonna, P. J., L. A. Burkle, B. Schwarz, J. Resasco, T. M. Knight, G. Benadi, N. Blüthgen, C. F. Dormann, Q. Fang, J. Fründ, B. Gauzens, C. N. Kaiser-Bunbury, R. Winfree, D. P. Vázquez

(2020): Seeing through the static: the temporal dimension of plant–animal mutualistic interactions. Ecology Letters (in press) *

Gauzens, B., Rall, B. C., Mendonça, V., Vinagre, C., Brose, U.

(2020): Biodiversity of intertidal food webs in response to warming across latitudes. Nature Climate Change (in press) *

Schwarz, B., Vázquez, D. P., CaraDonna, P. J., Knight, T. M., Benadi, G., Dormann, C. F., Gauzens, B.,Motivans, E., Resasco, J., Blüthgen, N., Burkle, L. A., Fang, Q., Kaiser–Bunbury, C. N., Alarcón, R., Bain, J. A., Chacoff, N. P., Huang, S. Q., LeBuhn, G., MacLeod, M., Petanidou, T., Rasmussen, C., Simanonok, M. P., Thompson, A. H., Fründ, J.

(2020): Temporal scale-dependence of plant–pollinator networks. Oikos (in press) *

Brose, U., P. Archambault, A. D. Barnes, L.-F. Bersier, T. Boy, ..., C. Digel, A. Dissanayake, A. A. V. Flores, K. Fussmann, B. Gauzens, C. Gray, J. Häussler, M. R. Hirt, U. Jacob, ..., E. Latz, K. Layer-Dobra, P. Legagneux, Y. Li, ..., B. C. Rall, B. Rosenbaum, R. Ryser, A. Silva, E. H. Sohlström, ..., S. Wang, J. M. Wefer, ..., A. C. Iles

(2019): Predator traits determine food-web architecture across ecosystems. Nature ecology & evolution 3(6), 919-927 *

Gauzens, B., Barnes, A., Giling, D. P., Hines, J., Jochum, M., Lefcheck, J. S., Rosenbaum, B., Wang, S. P., Brose, U.

(2019): fluxweb: An R package to easily estimate energy fluxes in food webs. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10(2), 270-79

Thouvenot, L., Gauzens, B., Haury, J., Thiebaut, G.

(2019): Response of Macrophyte Traits to Herbivory and Neighboring Species: Integration of the Functional Trait Framework in the Context of Ecological Invasions. Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 1981

Geslin, B., Gauzens, B., Baude, M., Dajoz, I., Fontaine, C., Henry, M., Ropars, L., Rollin, O., Thébault, E., Vereecken, N. J.

(2017): Massively Introduced Managed Species and Their Consequences for Plant–Pollinator Interactions. Advances in Ecological Research 57, 147-99
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