Maria Voigt

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Interest and current research


I am interested in linking sustainability and its environmental, social and economic facets to biodiversity and conservation, especially for great apes.

Short CV


since 2014
PhD student in Hjalmar Kühls group at iDiv and MPI for Evolutionary Anthropolgy

2011 – 2014
Msc Environmental Management (Kiel University)
Thesis: "Developing a decision tool for sampling design in vegetation science using an individual-based modeling approach" (Brussels University (ULB/VUB))

Study in Msc "Oceans & Lakes" (University Brussel (VUB), University Antwerp, University Gent)

2007 – 2011
Bsc Biology (Dresden University)
Thesis: "The co-management approach of the Marine Extractive Reserve 'Caeté-Taperaçu' in northern Brazil: Analysis of selected biological and socio-economic aspects"

2009 – 2010
Study of Biology and Ecology (University of São Paulo (UNESP) and Brasilia (UNB))

iDiv publications


Heinicke, S., Mundry, R., Boesch, C., Amarasekaran, B., Barrie, A., Brncic, T., Brugière, D., Campbell, G., Carvalho, J., Danquah, E., Dowd, D., Eshuis, H., Fleury-Brugière, M.-C., Gamys, J., Ganas, J., Gatti, S., Ginn, L., Goedmakers, A., Granier, N., Herbinger, I., Annika, H., Jones, S., Junker, J., Kouakou, C., Lapeyre, V., Leinert, V., Maisels, F., Marrocoli, S., Molokwu-Odozi, M., N'Goran, P. K., Pacheco, L., Regnaut, S., Sop, T., Ton, E., Schijndel, J. v., Vergnes, V., Voigt, M., Welsh, A., Wessling, E., Williamson, E. A., Kühl, H. S.

Advancing conservation planning for western chimpanzees using IUCN SSC A.P.E.S. – the case of a taxon-specific databaseEnvironmental Research Letters14(6),

Meijaard, E., Sherman, J., Ancrenaz, M., Wich, S. A., Santika, T., Voigt, M.

Orangutan populations are certainly not increasing in the wildCurrent Biology28(21), R1241-42

Santika, T., Ancrenaz, M., Wilson, K. A., Spehar, S., Abram, N., Banes, G. L., Campbell-Smith, G., Curran, L., d'Arcy, L., Delgado, R. A., Erman, A., Goossens, B., Hartanto, H., Houghton, M., Husson, S. J., Kühl, H. S., ..., Voigt, M., et al.

First integrative trend analysis for a great ape species in BorneoScientific Reports7, 4839
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