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Susanne’s research focuses on aims, capacities and experiences of citizen science in the German, European and international context. She investigates conditions and changes of international science culture in regard of co-design and co-production of scientific research.
Susanne got fascinated by citizen science in her role as science communicator for the German mosquito atlas. Being far more than a Mayfly, the success of the project led Susanne to discover the whole world of citizen science around the globe. Being a charter member of the European Citizen Science Association, she also is a member of the US Citizen Science Association as well as ACSA. Not surprisingly, she is especially interested in strengthening international citizen science networks through collaborative research. She organised the First International ECSA Conference in May in Germany’s capital Berlin, and as trained science communicator she is researching with main focus on citizen science communication.

Scientific Career & CV


Susanne has a degree in humanities and strong inter- and transdisciplinary background. She is an expert in science communication and has profound knowledge of citizen science communication.

Further information on her Vita. Please click for download: CV_HeckerS

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iDiv publications


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