Dr Barbara Bauer


Short CV


2019- Postdoctoral researcher, iDiv

2015-2018 Postdoctoral researcher, Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University

2012-2013 Postdoctoral researcher, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

2012 PhD thesis The relevance of species traits for predicting the dynamics of diverse plankton communities. University of Potsdam

2008 diploma in Applied Zoology, Szent Istvan University of Veterinary Science, Budapest

Selected publications


For a full list of my publications see my Researchgate profile.

Barbara Bauer, Jan Horbowy, Mika Rahikainen, Nataliia Kulatska, Bärbel Müller-Karulis, Maciej T. Tomczak,Valerio Bartolino: Model uncertainty and simulated multispecies fisheries management advice in the Baltic Sea (in press, PLoS ONE)

Barbara Bauer, H. E. Markus Meier, Michele Casini, Ayoe Hoff, Piotr Margonski, Alessandro Orio, Sofia Saraiva, Jeroen Stenbeek, Maciej T. Tomczak, 2018: Reducing eutrophication increases spatial extent of communities supporting commercial fisheries: a model case study (ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75 (4): 1306-1317) article online

Barbara Bauer, Matthijs Vos, Toni Klauschies, Ursula Gaedke, 2014: Diversity, functional similarity and top-down control drive synchronization and the reliability of ecosystem function (The American Naturalist, 183: 394-409) article online

Ferenc Jordan, Thomas A. Okey, Barbara Bauer, Simone Libralato, 2008: Identifying important species: linking structure and function in ecological networks (Ecological Modelling, 216, 75-80) article online

iDiv publications


Bauer, B., B. G. Gustafsson, K. Hyytiäinen, H. E. M. Meier, B. Müller-Karulis, S. Saraiva, M. T. Tomczak

Food web and fisheries in the future Baltic SeaAmbio48(11), 1337-1349

Bauer, B., Horbowy, J., Rahikainen, M., Kulatska, N., Müller-Karulis, B., Tomczak, M. T., Bartolino, V.

Model uncertainty and simulated multispecies fisheries management advice in the Baltic SeaPLOS ONE14(1), e0211320

Ehrnsten, E., B. Bauer, B. G. Gustafsson

Combined Effects of Environmental Drivers on Marine Trophic Groups - A Systematic Model ComparisonFrontiers in Marine Science6,
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