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A century later, plant diversity is still struggling in wake of agricultural abandonment. (Picture: Forest Isbell)

Although local plant diversity increases over time, plant productivity does not significantly recover from agricultural use.  › more

22.11.2019 | Research, Physiological Diversity, iDiv, Media Release, sDiv, TOP NEWS
(photo: Stefan Bernhardt, iDiv)

New ranking published  › more

29.11.2018 | iDiv Members, Physiological Diversity, sDiv, TOP NEWS

Stan Harpole new in this important list  › more

20.12.2017 | Research, TOP NEWS, iDiv Members, Physiological Diversity
NutNet site in Jena

Ecosystems can only function well if there is a diverse mixture of plants across the landscape.   › more

05.12.2017 | TOP NEWS, Physiological Diversity
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