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Students can visit our lab to perform internships at any time. Interns can learn a multitude of methods in chemical ecology with particular focus on induced defense and above- belowground interactions. Interns can learn how to ask scientific questions, to design respective experiments, to conduct experiments in the field or in the lab, and to analyze the data with statistical methods. Please send your applications to the respective project leader if your interested in a specific research project, else to Susann Görth.

BSc & MSc theses

In our research group, we warmly welcome BSc and MSc students from all over the world. We offer thesis projects that match with our current research projects on the chemical and molecular ecology of plant-herbivore-microbe interactions. Depending on your scientific interests, the period of your thesis project and your learning goals, the project could be more lab or field oriented. Bioinformatic projects are also possible; in that case, we will ask one of our colleagues of the Bioinformatics unit at iDiv to co-supervise you.

Got interested? Please directly contact the PhD student or postdoctoral researcher on your project of interest by e-mail or telephone, or mail a short statement of interest and your CV to Ms Susann Goerth

Open positions


There are currently no vacancies.


There are currently no vacancies.

Student positions

Research Assistant for Lab Work

The research group Molecular Interaction Ecology (MIE) at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) is looking for a new research assistant.

We´re looking for a student, starting now:
• subjects Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy or Chemistry (BSc, MA)
• basic lab skills required
• with basic knowledge in plant physiology and chemistry
• with a responsible and independent way of working

Your range of tasks will be:
• Handling plants and insects in the green house
• Extractions from plant material
• Preparation of samples for mass spectrometry analysis

We´re offering:
- A contract until at least end of the year (10-19h/week)
- Flexible working hours
- Experience of working in a research lab and a green house
- Practice in handling mass spectrometers and High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
- A very cooperative work environment

Are you interested? Great! Please send your CV and a short personal letter to

Phone: +49 341 9733165

Vorbereitung und Analyse von Pflanzenextrakten

Wir in der MIE Gruppe von iDiv forschen die chemische Vielfalt der Pflanzen. Wir arbeiten mit der Gattung Solanum dulcamara. Diese Pflanze stellt Steroidalkaloide her. Wir verwenden Flussigkeitschromatographie gekoppelt mit Massenspektrometrie um unterschiedliche Alkaloide in S. dulcamara Extrakten zu bestimmen. Wir haben mehrere Populationen von S. ducamara in der Natur gesammelt und sie im Gewaechshaus gekreuzt. Ziel dieses Projekts ist die Analyse der Alkaloide von S. dulcamara Individuen aus unterschiedliche Populationen zu vergleichen. Unterschiedliche Alkaloidprofile koennen gegen spezifische Pflanzenfresser wirken. Deswegen ist es wichtig, die genaue chemische Zusammensetzung dieser Pflanzen zu bestimmen.

Zeit: Flexibel.

Bezahlung: Nach den Regeln fuer HiWis.


Fredd Vergara


Telefon: 0493419733233

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