German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

2017-10-11: Green or colorful meadows?

TV report with Nico about the Jena Experiment at arte TV.

Xenius on Arte (in German)

2018-11-06 Artensterben und Ökosysteme

Viele Arten sind wichtig für den Erhalt von Multifunktionalität.

Radioreport on Deutschlandfunk Kultur (in German)

2019-05-05: A world without insects

A report on the insect decline wherein the Jena Experiment and soil biodiversity play a significant role. (in German)

2017-07-21: Die Kammern der Erkenntnis

Complex interactions are investigated by iDiv scientists in the ecotron.

Newspaper articel in FAZ (in German)

2017-08-24: Parallel universes in ecology

The "iDiv Ecotron" investigates consequences of species loss in automated ecology laboratories.

VDI Nachrichten (in German)

2016-08-25: Invasive species: Global worming

German scientists release earthworms in Canada to investigate consequences of earthworm activities in regions without earthworm presence and enemies. (in German)

2017-05-18: Inauguration of the ecotron platform

The iDiv Ecotron, a central experimental platform of the DFG Research Centre iDiv, was officially launched during a ceremony on May 17, 2017. A short TV report was broadcasted by MDR.

MDR Sachsen-Anhalt heute (check 14 min, 18 sec, in German)

2017-02-05: 15 years of the Jena Experiment

TV report about the 15-years anniversary celebration of the Jena Experiment

Jena TV (in German)

2016-12-23: Earthworms conquer North America

A new report about our research about earthworm invasions in North America:

MDR Wissen (in German)

2016-11-11 Land-use choices follow profitability at the expense of ecological functions in Indonesian smallholder landscapes

Andrew Barnesco-authored a paper which has been picked up by various media:
Science Daily

2016-10-07: Mites use the intestine of slugs to disperse

Manfred Türke reports about mites that disperse by the use of slugs. Interview in Deutschlandfunk:

Link to article (in German)

2016-09-05: Earthworm invasion

The meta-analysis by Dylan Craven about earthworm invasion in North America was picked up by different media:

FAZ (in German)
Deutschlandfunk (in German) (in German)

2016-09-05: How will our grasslands look in 2050?

Scientists simulate the climate of 2050 to investigate how grasslands will respond in future. A short video contribution by the MDR summarizes research with input from Harald Auge, Christiane Roscher und Nico Eisenhauer.
Link to text and video contribution (in German)

2016-01-28: 1.5 million € for earthworm research

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Prof. Nico Eisenhauer  to study the effects of European earthworms in North America:
Text contribution by MDR (in German)

2015-12-10: Changes in detritus based food chains can influence plant growth

Jes Hines and colleagues showed that changes in detritus based food chains can influence plant growth response to elevated atmospheric CO2. The story was picked up by nine news outlets and two blogs: Seed Daily, Technobahn; Health Medicine Network; Science 2.0;; EurekAlert; innovations report;, Shorelines; Amphibol

2014-11-13: Nico Eisenhauer @ ScienceNotes

Biodiversity related issues were presented during the third ScienceNote. Nico Eisenhauer talked about "The Dark Side of Biodiverity" and was mentioned in the Stuttgarter Zeitung (in German).

2014-02-17: Nico Eisenhauer gets Heinz Maier-Leibnitz prize

Nico Eisenhauer is among the prizewinners of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preises of the DFG (German research Foundation) awarding early career researchers.
Text contribution by DFG (available in English and German)

2013-08-26: Biodiversity increases stability of grasslands

Nico Eisenhauer gave an interview in the Deutschlandfunk about research in the Jena-Experiment.

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