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05.02.2016 | Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Conservation, GEO BON

Dialogue on the feasibility of a "Living Atlas Germany"

Kick-Off Workshop for the feasibility of the "Living Atlas Germany"

Photo: Tobias Wagner

How could an Atlas of Biodiversity for Germany look like, what added value could it offer? Who would show interest and the what technical and legal aspects need to be considered? On 21 and 22 January, representatives from conservation organizations, professional associations, academia, foundations, government agencies as well as from education and business discussed on the feasibility of such an atlas whose data is primarily based on observations or collections of volunteers.

The project, that explores the needs, potentials and conditions of citizen science in a possible "Living Atlas Germany" is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation - DBU and is performed in a collaboration between the research institutions Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ and German Centre for integrative biodiversity research (iDiv) Halle Jena-Leipzig, and the associations Friends of the Earth Germany - BUND and Naturschutzbund Germany - NABU. Other participating partners are the German Association of Avifaunists - DDA and the Faculty of Law of the University of Goettingen.

The documentation of the kick-off event and information on the following workshops will be published on the project website.

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