German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Scientific Coordination

The Scientific Coordination facilitates communication among scientists within iDiv as well as with other major research institutes and guests. The unit also fosters integration of iDiv members at the different locations in Leipzig, Halle, Jena and beyond. Among various other tasks it also provides professional support to iDiv scientists.

Discussion facilitation

Inter­depart­mental communi­cation among scientists within iDiv, with other major research institutes and guests, across members within the whole iDiv consortium, Alumni network

iDiv strategy

Fostering integration and an iDiv identity, e.g. internal work­shop series (‘How To’ / ‘iPerform’), iDiv charter

Scientific performance

Evaluate iDiv’s scientific output, e.g. through moni­toring its publication record and third-party funding, DFG and SAB reporting

Professional support


Scientific Coordinator
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733103
Research Assistant
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733146
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