Flexible Child Care at iDiv (on request)

iDiv offers a flexible child care programme to support the work-life balance, especially regarding family and scientific work. The child care for children of different ages is available for all employees and scientific short-term visitors and can be used temporarily if the usual child care has been cancelled or cannot be used. For example during iDiv workshops, or to fill the gaps occurring due to appointments or temporal bottlenecks.

An extra room for playing and sleeping is available in Interim III.

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We also have a ‘kidsbox’ if you want to take your kids to your office.


If you need further information please contact Bettina.


Mobile: +49 176 71000842


Mobile: +49 176 71000842

Administrative Assistant
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733114




Please give a short call or text message to Bettina .


News /Offers

New offer


childcare will be offered at our Childcare Room Interim III

this  Friday  13 March from 08:00  a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

Please meet us there .

Please give me a short notice if your kid will join.







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