German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Bioinformatics services

Provide commonly used tools or custom scripts/tools via Galaxy, bioKepler and/or the iDiv High-Performance Computing Cluster.

Assistance with workflows for data analysis including:

  • Data pre-processing
  • Data analysisstatistical analysis
  • Discussion of findings and interpretation of results
  • Data visualisation up to publication-ready figures

Assistance with reproducible documentation of bioinformatics tools/programmes (for publications)

Covered areas

  • NGS data (genomes, transcriptomes, RADseq, epigenetic data, SNPs, etc)   
  • Genes, proteins, metabolites in non-omics scale
  • Metagenomes, meta-omes
  • MS data
  • Phylogenetics, comparative genenomics
  • Machine learning
  • Network analysis
  • Population genomics, RADseq, ddRAD, etc.
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