German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Biodiversity Informatics Unit (BDU)

No single institution – not even a whole generation of scientists – possesses the intellectual capacity to exploit the potential of the data it generates and assembles. Data is gaining an ever-increasing role in scientific progress and, in particular, constitutes the raw material for the research groups. Therefore, iDiv's Biodiversity Informatics Unit has been established to support researchers and scientists to efficiently manage biodiversity data. The unit is located in the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU).

The unit's main tasks and responsibilities are to:

  1. Provide biodiversity data management and storage infrastructure.
  2. Assist and advice sDiv working groups on-
    • Available data management tools and applications within and outside iDiv.
    • Primary data and Metadata management.
    • Biodiversity data paper publications.
    • Publishing data via national, regional or global data portals.
    • Data cleaning, quality assurance and development of data integration workflows, for data in iBDP supported structure and file formats.
  3. Ensure safe, long-term storage and back-ups of the data.
  4. Develop and implement biodiversity data-sharing policy in consultation with the stakeholders within the iDiv consortium.
  5. Develop and implement plans to encourage biodiversity data paper publications for facilitating data discovery and dissemination.
  6. Integrate the unit's work in national and international networks from a technical and organisational perspective
  7. Teach biodiversity data management courses at iDiv's graduate school (yDiv).
  8. Coordinate the biodiversity informatics unit's work with the bioinformatics unit, sDiv and research groups.
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