Female Scientist Career Fund

Within the iDiv funds, money has been allocated by the DFG to specifically promote the careers of female scientists. We want to support especially young women who want to stay in academia or just started as a group leader. Thus, doctoral researchers (PhD students), post-docs or young professors are encouraged to apply that are at iDiv or working in iDiv member groups.All female scientists within iDiv can apply for support irrespective of whom pays their salary.


The prime aim of the FSCF should be to promote the careers of female scientist by increasing their scientific network and visibility in their field of research. It will not be enough to just give money to female scientist to attend a conference: many female scientists are attending conferences these days, and support for travel and conferences is relatively easy to obtain for young scientists.However, due to various factors, they are hardly visible (or audible).

This ‘invisibility’ inhibits the progression of female scientists in the scientific community.


Prof. Nicole M. van Dam
Head of Research Group
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733165
Phone: mail to person +49 3641 949461

Dr. Ute Jandt
iDiv Member

Phone: +49 345 5526287
Email: ute.jandt@botanik.uni-halle.de



Administrative Assistant
Phone: mail to person +49 341 9733114

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Funding period

11 January

31 January

14 February

15  February till 30 September 2019

20 March

10 April

19  April

20  April till 31 December 2019

11 June

02  July

14 July

15   July till 30 June 2020

12 September

03 October

17 October

18 October till 30 September2020

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