General Member Assembly (GMA)

The General Member Assembly may address all issues related to iDiv’s aims and objectives and make recommendations to the Science Strategy Board. In addition, it has the right to suggest the members of the Science Strategy Board, the members of the Scientific Advisory Board and honorary members.

Science Strategy Board (SSB)

The Science Strategy Board is iDiv’s central governance and decision-making body. It is, in particular, in charge of conception, coordination and implementation of the scientific programme; it coordinates and fosters the scientific integration of iDiv. Members of the Science Strategy Board are suggested by the General Member Assembly and appointed or dismissed by the Board of Trustees. For details see section 9 in the bylaws of iDiv.

Current members of the Science Strategy Board are:
Prof Aletta Bonn
Prof Ulrich Brose
Prof Helge Bruelheide (vice chair)
Prof Jonathan Chase
Prof Nico Eisenhauer (chair)
Prof Ivo Grosse
Prof Stan Harpole
Prof Jens Kattge
Prof Tiffany Knight
Prof Ingolf Kühn
Prof Kirsten Küsel
Dr Sabine Matthiä (in advisory capacity)
Prof Alexandra Muellner-Riehl
Dr Steffen Neumann
Dr Carsten Meyer
Prof Henrique Pereira
Prof Christine Römermann
Prof Martin Quaas
Prof Nicole van Dam
Dr Marten Winter
Prof Christian Wirth

Speaker Board (SB) and Speaker

The Speaker Board implements the decisions of the Science Strategy Board and manages operations at iDiv. The Speaker and the three Co-Speaker of the Speaker Board are suggested by the Science Strategy Board and appointed or dismissed by the Board of Trustees. The Speaker reports to the Board of Trustees, the Science Strategy Board, the Speaker Board and to funding institutions. For details see section 10 in the bylaws of iDiv.

Current members of the Speaker Board are:

  • Prof Tiffany M. Knight
  • Prof Henrique M. Pereira
  • Prof Nicole M. van Dam
  • Prof Christian Wirth
  • Dr Sabine Matthiä

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees supports and supervises the Speaker Board and the Science Strategy Board and fulfils further tasks according to these bylaws.

The Board of Trustees comprises of: (1) the rectors/presidents of the three involved universities, (2) one additional member of the rectorate or the presidential board of each of the involved universities, (3) the Scientific Manager and the Administrative Manager of the UFZ, and (4) one designated representative of the ministry of science from each of the involved federal states.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The Scientific Advisory Board makes recommendations and comments on the thematic and structural development of iDiv. This concerns, in particular, the establishment of new research fields and the focus and structure of iDiv’s research programme.

The Scientific Advisory Board evaluates the development of iDiv every two years. 

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board:

Ray Callaway
University of Montana

Bill Fagan
University of Maryland

Paul Leadley
Université Paris-Sud

Michel Loreau
Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

David Schimel
California Institute of Technology

Bernhard Schmid
University of Zurich

Marie Stenseke
University of Gothenburg

Diana H. Wall
Colorado State University

Executive Committees and Boards

Executive committees and boards are appointed by the SSB to support its work.

These are among others:

Committee / boardChair / co-chair(s)
Core Centre Committee (CCC)Prof Ulrich Brose
Equal Opportunity Committee (EOC)Prof Ulrich Brose
Female Scientist Career Fund Committee (FSCFC)Prof Nicole van Dam, Prof Kirsten Küsel, Prof Ute Jandt
iDiv Council 
iDiv Ecotron CommitteeProf Nico Eisenhauer
iDiv Sabbatical BoardProf Stan Harpole
Membership CommitteeProf Jens Kattge
Mental Health CommitteeProf Nicole van Dam
Permanent Flexpool Board (FP Board)Prof Christine Römermann
Science-Policy CommitteeProf Henrique Pereira, Prof Aletta Bonn
Science Prizes CommitteeProf Nico Eisenhauer
sDiv BoardProf. Karin Frank, Prof Jonathan Chase
Seminar Series CommitteeDr Marten Winter
Strategic Projects & Support Units CommitteeSSB Chair
yDiv BoardProf Martin Quaas
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