History of iDiv

2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019

Milestones in 2012

  • Acceptance Initial Proposal, DFG funds iDiv

  • First general member assembly with press conference at the Botanical Garden in Leipzig (Photo: Leipzig University)

  • iDiv moves into BioCity

  • Launch Website www.idiv.de

Milestones in 2013

  • Visit Saxon Minister of Science, Sabine von Schorlemer

  • Junior research groupNiche Detector for Hyperdiverse Tropical Forests (Nadja Rüger)

  • 1st yDiv doctoral researcher employed

  • 1st sDiv workshop took place (sPlot)

  • Opening Symposium “Integrative Biodiversity Research – a young discipline under time pressure”

  • iDiv becomes a central facility of Leipzig University

  • First professorship appointed (Biodiversity Conservation/Henrique M. Pereira)

  • yDiv accredited to InGrA (International Graduate Academy MLU), JGA (Graduate Academy FSU), Research Academy Leipzig (UL)

Milestones in 2014

  • Starting point professorships Molecular Interaction Ecology (Nicole M. van Dam) and Experimental Interaction Ecology (Nico Eisenhauer; Photo: Christian Hüller)

  • Junior research group Sustainability and Complexity in Ape Habitat (Hjalmar Kühl)

  • Starting point professorship Ecosystem Services/Aletta Bonn

  • Commissioning High Performance Computing Cluster at UFZ (Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ)

  • Re-commissioning canopy crane as a research platform

  • Starting point professorships and research groups Biodiversity Synthesis (Jonathan Chase) and Physiological Diversity (Stanley Harpole)

Milestones in 2015

  • Junior research group Domestication Genomics (Martin Mascher)

  • Professorship Theory in Biodiversity Sciences appointed (Ulrich Brose)

  • Humboldt Professorship for Tiffany Knight (Spatial Interaction Ecology research group)

  • First iDiv Summer School with 24 participants from 16 countries in Leipzig

  • First iDiv Annual Conference on biodiversity science with more than 230 participants and 80 lectures in Leipzig.

  • Celebrating 3 Years of iDiv

Milestones in 2016

  • ERC grant for Nico Eisenhauer

  • iDiv evaluation by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungs­gemeinschaft)

  • First iDiv Annual Lecture by Paul R. Ehrlich in Halle (Photo: Paul R. Ehrlich – CC BY 2.5)

  • Chief Operating Officer appointed (Sabine Matthiä)

  • Second iDiv Summer School on Biodiversity Synthesis and Integration in Leipzig

  • International GEO BON Conference hosted by iDiv (Photo: Niels A. Petersen)

  • Extension of iDiv’s funding for another four years by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungs­gemeinschaft)

  • ‘Freigeist’ Fellowship of the VolkswagenStiftung for Carsten Meyer

  • Beginning of iDiv’s second funding phase

  • Second iDiv Annual Conference on biodiversity science with more than 200 participants at the Leipziger Kubus (UFZ).

Milestones in 2017

  • Over 1,000 participations in sDiv working group meetings since 2013

  • 1,000 scientific publications with iDiv affiliation since mid 2013

  • iDiv Ecotron inauguration at the UFZ experimental facility in Bad Lauchstädt

  • Saxon Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich and Minister of Science Eva-Maria Stange visit iDiv core centre in Leipzig

  • Third iDiv Summer School on ‘Synthesising and Modelling Biodiversity Data’ in Leipzig

  • Third annual iDiv Conference on biodiversity science with more than 240 participants at the Leipziger Kubus (UFZ).

  • Visit by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at the iDiv core centre in Leipzig

Milestones in 2018

  • Roofing ceremony of research greenhouse at the Botanical Garden of Leipzig University

  • Groundbreaking of the new iDiv building with Minister President of Saxony Michael Kretschmer

  • Junior research group Evolution and Adaptation (Renske Onstein)

  • Fourth iDiv Summer School on Ecological Theory of Modelling for the Biodiversity Crisis in Leipzig

  • Professorship Biodiversity Economics appointed (Martin Quaas)

Milestones in 2019

  • Roofing ceremony for iDiv building

  • Inauguration of iDiv research greenhouse at the Botanical Garden of Leipzig University

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