Deceleration - A Horse-assisted Seminar



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Grand Tamino Ranch, Haynaer Str. 1, 04519 Rackwitz (Schladitzer See)

May 23, 2019, 10 am - 6 pm

14 / 0,25 CP


Deceleration is an essential aspect for anyone who aims to maintain both health and purpose in their professional lives. The objective of this workshop is to discover the ability to decelerate through human-animal interaction at eye level.

Horses are sensitive to body language and the modes of vocal articulation. The interaction between animal and human creates a space in which participants will train to react productively to disturbances. The settings and exercises will also enable participants to improve their empathetic skills in relation to surroundings, partners and themselves.

This course is suitable for doctoral students curious about the foundations of deceleration and who are interested in personality training with an experimental character.

Person in Charge

Sandra Mader graduated in Business Administration and took up executive management functions in the business customers sector, dealer support, sales managing and controlling. She diversified her coaching abilities by becoming a Horse Assisted Educator.

Since 2015 Sandra’s horse ranch is located at the Schladitzer Bucht where she coaches participants in leadership and communication skills and shares her professional experience.

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