yDiv retreat 2019 - Science collaboration and interdisciplinary projects

The topic of the retreat 2019 is Science collaboration and interdisciplinary projects. It was chosen by the participants of last years retreat. We organised two parallel workshops and you can choose which one you would like to attend.

Check out the preliminary agenda here.


Both research and industry are increasingly dependent on successful cooperation between different disciplines. This is especially true when it comes to solving complex problems where different perspectives and effects have to be taken into account. However, interdisciplinary projects often face specific challenges, are not always as successful as expected and require a disproportionate amount of time and money. Interdisciplinarity refers to the systematic integration of ideas from different disciplines and the development of a new common approach to thinking or solving problems. Which processes distinguish successful from unsuccessful working groups? Which competencies are related to effective interdisciplinary cooperation?

A modern scientist is expected to collaborate with researchers from other disciplines in different contexts: in interdisciplinary research projects, in university committees, but also in non-academic professional fields. „Cultural differences“ often lead to communication problems due to misunderstandings, assumptions and prejudices. How can biologists and pharmacists, chemists and business economists or historians and geologists understand each other from a technical and relationship point of view?

In several workshops, given by Dr. Alexander Schiller, Schiller & Mertens, and Julian Kea, [ki:]®Learning, you will train your interdisciplinary competence. You will get to know intercultural and interdisciplinary awareness and practical pieces of advice to use  interdisciplinary collaboration for successful research output.

Date and venue

The yDiv retreat will take place on 19-21 June 2019 in Trebbin (close to Potsdam and Berlin).

We reserved the former hunting lodge Schloss Blankensee. You will stay in double bedrooms, and we will have the whole house and the garden for ourselves. By the way, Schloss Blankensee is quite famous for its good food ;)

The accommodation is right next to the Wildlife Park Nuthe-Nieplitz. We will have a guided-tour through the wildlife reserve Glauer Tal on Thursday. Lake Blankensee is also close by, so bring your swimming gear!

As the village lies quite remote, we have booked the iDiv cars. Please submit if you would be willing to drive when you register, thank you!


The registration is closed.

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