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Administration und Formulare

Activities-Formular (zur Einreichung von Credit Points in der Kategorie "Activities" des yDiv Curriculums)

Dienstreiseantrag (Mitarbeiter/innen der Universität Leipzig)

Dienstreiseantrag (andere Doktorand/innen)


PhD Guide

Der PhD Guide enthält alles, was man über unser Graduiertenprogramm wissen muss. Die neueste Version finden Sie hier (PDF).

Finding Support

Mediation in cases of conflict between doctoral researchers and their supervisors

>> iDiv counsellors, Dr Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz and Dr Marten Winter

In cases of suspected misconduct (including conflicts with your supervisior) and safeguarding ethics in science and research you can also contact the ‘Ombudspersons’ confidentially

>> Office of Ombudspersons Leipzig University

>> Ombudsperson Graduate Academy Jena

>> Ombudspersons Jena University

>> Diversity Office Jena University (gives advise against discrimination and unequal treatment)

>> Ombudsperson Halle University (Website in German only) 

>> The German Research Ombudsman (here you can find ombudspersons outside your institution)

PhD Candidates' Councils

>> Leipzig University

>> Jena University

>> Halle University (Website in German only)

Psychological counseling offered by the universities of Leipzig, Halle and Jena:

>> Leipzig University (German and English)

>> Jena University (German and English)

>> Halle University (Website in German)

Contacts for support in emergencies and mental crisis

Support and advisory services for international students

>> Jena University


Job Opportunities (global site with jobs for students and people with all levels of experience in the academic world and the private sector)  (lists UK and International green jobs encompassing the specialisms of Wildlife Jobs, Ecology Jobs, Sustainability Jobs, Nature & Conservation Jobs, Climate Change Jobs and Marine Management Jobs)


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