iDiv Sabbaticals

Interactions and scientific involvement of iDiv visiting scientists are central mechanisms which contribute to iDiv’s mission to be a leading biodiversity research centre. iDiv sabbatical researchers play an important role in contributing to the iDiv mission through their intellectual and social interactions, in which they share their vision, experience and passion for biodiversity research.

9th Call for Proposals

The pre-proposal deadline has passed.

This was an unusually competitive call, with 13 proposals, of which 7 have been invited to sumbit a full-proposal.

Important information and documents for those who have been invited are provided below.

Submission of a full proposal is only possible if you are invited after a positive evaluation of the pre-proposal.

Applications are accepted via the iDiv application portal only. Registration is required for being able to create your application. It is possible to save and change data at any time during the application process until the final submission. Please contact for any assistance.

"The working atmosphere at sDiv/iDiv is extremely inspiring, friendly, fun, inclusive, collaborative, supportive, flexible and, exciting. sDiv and all people involved, group leaders, postdocs, administrative people have created an extremely welcoming environment."

– Angélica González (Rutgers University)

The sabbatical was hosted primarily at iDiv within the Theory group and sDiv but co-hosted by the Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB) in Oldenburg. This proved to be a very productive environment for investigating questions of community change through time.”

– Prof Malin Pinsky (Rutgers University)

In addition to my sabbatical project, my short time at iDiv was very intellectually stimulating. I attended seminars, participated in Jonathan Chase's lab meetings and in the sDiv lab meetings, and I regularly went to lunch with the PhD students and PD's. I particularly enjoyed discussions about the challenges encountered in research syntheses that involve large-scale data compilations.

– Prof Lenore Fahrig (Carleton University)

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