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Plant-pollinator networks in the Arctic

Understanding the impact of climate change on ecosystems is challenging, since the effects may take decades to transpire. In this project, we address this challenge by using historical plant-pollinator interaction data collected by F. Silén in the late 19th century in the surroundings of Kittilä, Finland, and comparing it to present-day data in order to explore the changes that occurred in plant-pollinator networks in high Northern latitudes during the last century.

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Koch, V., L. Zoller, J. M. Bennett, T. M. Knight

(2020): Pollinator dependence but no pollen limitation for eight plants occurring north of the Arctic Circle. Ecology and Evolution 10(24) *

L. Zoller, J. M. Bennett, T. M. Knight   

(2020): Diel-scale temporal dynamics in the abundance and composition of pollinators in the Arctic summer. Scientific Reports 10(1) *
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