Dr. Kira Lancker




  • Energy economics
  • Food security and natural resources
  • Fisheries economics
  • Economic value of biodiversity


Curriculum Vitae


A copy of my current CV is available here.



  • Kira Lancker (2019). Over-capitalization in fisheries with irreversible investment and factor substitution.
  • Kira Lancker, Martin Quaas, Olli Tahvonen (2019). Vintages of windturbines.
  • Kira Lancker, Julia Bronnmann (2019). The consumer’s role for biodiversity: species substitution.



Lancker, K., A.-L. Deppenmeier, T. Demissie, J. O. Schmidt

Climate change adaptation and the role of fuel subsidies: An empirical bio-economic modeling study for an artisanal open-access fisheryPLOS ONE14(8),

Lancker, K., L. Fricke, J. O. Schmidt

Assessing the contribution of artisanal fisheries to food security: A bio-economic modeling approachFood Policy87,

Lancker, K., M. F. Quaas

Increasing marginal costs and the efficiency of differentiated feed-in tariffsEnergy Economicsin press,
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