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My scientific profile at the interface of ecology, conservation and sustainability and my research has a true trans-disciplinary character (in the sense of problem-orientation to real-world problems and cross-disciplinary choice and adaptation of methods). I am project manager and postdoc in a science-policy project that focuses on strengthening the EU ecological restoration agenda with a perspective of rewilding to create a coherent ecological network in Europe and meet the 15% restoration target of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy.

In addition, since July 2015 I lead and coordinate a pioneer working group with scientists from Michigan State University, Boise State University and Georgia University that aims at providing an integrative perspective on the global sand use and the long-distance environmental and socio-economic interactions (telecouplings) between sand extraction and consumption. This research bridges gaps between different research fields from social to natural sciences and the team is open to considering new collaborations, as well as to engage with policy-makers and practitioners.



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Carlson, A., Zaehringer, J., Garrett, R., Felipe Bicudo Silva, R., Furumo, P., Raya Rey, A., Torres, A., Gon Chung, M., Li, Y., Liu, J.

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Torres, A., Fernández, N., zu Ermgassen, S., Helmer, W., Revilla, E., Saavedra, D., Perino, A., Mimet, A., Rey-Benayas, J. M., Selva, N., Schepers, F., Svenning, J.-C., Pereira, H. M.

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Torres, A., Brandt, J., Lear, K., Liu, J. G.

A looming tragedy of the sand commonsScience357(6355), 970-71
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