Anne Mädicke

Technische Mitarbeiterin

Research focus


I support the research in MIE especially in the fields of molecular biology and microbiology. For seven years I have worked at the Leibniz institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), mainly on the transformation of barley. I was also on the team working on a physical map of the barley genome, and I was involved in the sequencing of barley chromosomes (next generation sequencing). I use my extensive experience in molecular plant biology to train and support students and researchers at iDiv, as well as to develop protocols to analyze induced plant responses.



Molecular biology: isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins; polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR), RT-PCR, Real-Time PCR, transformation, sequencing, gene expression

Microbiology: plant and bacterial cell cultures



Touw, A., Verdecia-Mogena, A., Maedicke, A., Sontowski, R., van Dam, N. M., Tsunoda, T.

(2020): Both Biosynthesis and Transport Are Involved in Glucosinolate Accumulation During Root-Herbivory in Brassica rapa. Frontiers in Plant Science 10 *

Papadopoulou, G. V., Maedicke, A., Grosser, K., van Dam, N. M., Martínez-Medina, A.

(2018): Defence Signalling Marker Gene Responses to Hormonal Elicitation differ between Roots and Shoots. AoB PLANTS 10(3)
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