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21.02.2018 | News der MIE-Gruppe

Practicum students FSU Jena in MIE labs

Annalena Lenk (right) and Till Deilmann (left)

Annalena Lenk (right) and Till Deilmann (left)

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From 19-23 February 2018 FSU Jena BSc students Annalena Lenk and Till Deilmann are absolving a practicum at iDiv. It is part of the new BSc course “Integrative Ökologie” which is taught by iDiv researchers of the Institute of Biodiversity at FSU Jena. On the picture you see how Annalena and Till are preparing an experiment in the MIE lab. They are testing the preference of various herbivores for two glucosinolate chemotypes of Barbarea vulgaris in our lab.

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