Registration for individual counselling sessions with career coach Matthias Schwarzkopf

After each session you have an opportunity for individual counselling given by career coach Matthias Schwarzkopf. Times for single sessions vary from 30 to 45 minutes. Please select a time frame that fits your interests. Topics can be: What are relevant next career steps? How to find a postdoc position in academia? How to find a job outside academia? How to apply? etc. If you would like to be counselled regarding your application, bring your CV and cover letter and a job ad you answered or plan to answer.



Dear iDiv scientists,

We are pleased to announce that this year's conference has one more highlight. On the first day, for young researchers we offer two sessions on career development in cooperation with yDiv. In the first part of each session, career coach Matthias Schwarzkopf will give a general talk dedicated to two specific career aspects. In the second part of each session, the speakers Juliano Sarmento Cabral and Ilka Herbinger will provide the participants with more vivid examples from their real career path and share their own experience on career development. Finally, after the sessions, you can use the oppotunity to have an individual counselling given by the career coach.

Do not miss the chance to attend the sessions and discover new career opportunities!

Session 1: Diversity of career paths for scientists

Diversity of career paths for scientists

29 August, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Conference room 1AB

Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf
Career coach for scientists

Photo: Daniela Siegel

Career options on the non academic labour market

With PhD done or with few years of Postdoc experiences scientists can go for quite different career options outside academia, like NGOs, public sector, industry. The talk provides some ideas about career paths and how to find them. What do you need to do to see and to get relevant jobs?


Dr Ilka Herbinger
World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

Photo: Gesa Labahn

Career opportunities in nature conservation work

Since 2011 Ilka Herbinger is the Program Lead for Central- and Westafrica at the WWF Germany in Berlin. She has pursued her PhD on "Inter-group aggression in wild West African chimpanzees" in the Primatology Department at MPI EVA with Christophe Boesch between 1999 and 2003. Ilka Herbinger will speak about her work as a nature conservationist. She will try to give advice on ways into nature conservation work by drawing from her own experience and describing her individual career path.


Session 2: How to become a professor in Germany

Diversity of career paths for scientists

29 August, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Conference room 1AB

Dr Matthias Schwarzkopf
Career coach for scientists

Photo: Daniela Siegel

How to pursue a career in academia: how to become professor

To stay in academia does mean different career paths in different countries. For Germany it means to become professor. Why this is the case and how to make it to professorship you will learn in this talk. Furthermore we talk about risks and gains of this career. For whom is it attractive and why can it make sense to stay in academia?

Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf is a career counsellor for scientists.


Juniorprof. Dr Juliano Sarmento Cabral
University of Würzburg

Photo: Tobias Wagner/ iDiv

How to become a Junior Professor in Germany

Juliano Sarmento Cabral has been a Junior Professor for Ecosystem Modelling at the Center for Computation and Theoretical Biology (CCTB) in Würzburg since 2016. Before that he was postdoctoral researcher at the University Göttingen and sDiv. In 2010 he got his PhD on Ecology in the Department of Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation at University of Potsdam. Juliano Sarmento Cabral will speak about his career path up to becoming a Junior Professor in Germany.

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