Call for Abstracts

Topic Sessions & Presentation Formats

Topic Sessions

When you register as a presenter, we ask you to pick a Topic Session for your presentation into which your contribution fits best. These sessions are:

  • Session 1: Biodiversity Change (in the Anthropocene)
  • Session 2: Molecular Biodiversity and Evolution
  • Session 3: Biodiversity Dynamics and Complexity
  • Session 4: Biodiversity and Society
  • Session 5: Biodiversity and the Functioning of Ecosystems
  • Session 6: Data – New Tools, New Codes, New Prospects

Download information on the Topic Sessions here

Presentation formats

All Topic Sessions feature the following presentation formats for which you can submit a contribution:

  • Standard talk (7 + 2 min discussion)
    Traditional conference talk
  • Speed talk (5 min + 5 min discussion after 4 talks)
    Short and concise presentation of a topic, after the four speed talks, there will be 5 minutes for discussion. Doctoral researchers and flexpool scientists are particularly encouraged to give speed talks.
  • Poster and demonstration
    Each poster and demonstration is introduced in 1 minute w or w/o slides, poster & demo sessions: 1st day: 6:00 - 8:00 PM, 2nd day: 12:15 - 1:45 PM, for demonstrations: all types of available resources can be used to illustrate the essence of the research presented, e.g. laptops to show pieces of software, practical exhibitions, photographs, nature crafts, experimental set-ups etc.

In addition, you can run a workshop (60 min) to brainstorm ideas or work on a project on the 2nd day of the conference (30 August).

Download the complete conference call here

In case of any questions, please contact Rebecca Thier-Lange

+49 341/9733103


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